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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Care Not For What the THOTs Want | Men's Mental Health 14

Sep 21, 2020

Join us on the Men's Mental Health Show with Prim Reaper, Alison and Brian as we discuss the idea of excessive self-sacrifice. Make sure when you are self-sacrificing, you're doing it for someone who deserves it. Call in if you have thoughts of your own!


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Start Here: HBR Weekly Digest 44

Sep 19, 2020

Enjoy a bite sized version of a week in badger.
For 8th-11th September 2020


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Heather Heying's Letters From the Liberal Event Horizon | HBR Debate 34

Sep 19, 2020

Join HBR Debate for a discussion between intellectual dark webber Heather Heying and April Lawson, host of the Braver Angels podcast as they discuss feminism in the current age of MeToo, cancel culture, riots, black lives matter, progressivism and more!


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Church of Wimminworsting | HBR Talk 151

Sep 18, 2020

This week HBR Talk examines Wimminwursting: People’s tendency to look at every issue or experience through a filter of women having it worst. We’ll discuss the underlying attitudes & how this affects not just men’s rights but most political advocacy.


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Chad Saad on the Relationship Between Sexual Frustration and the Current Chaos | HBR Debate 33

Sep 17, 2020

Join us on HBR Debate as we look at a discussion between internet personality and evolutionary psychology researcher Gad Saad and Modern Wisdom as they discuss the possible connection between InCels, sex and the current chaos.


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