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honeybadgerradio's podcast

The Honeybadgers VS Sam Seder VS an MRA Part 2! | Fundzerker 137

Jul 27, 2021

Join us on the Rantzerker with Karen, Alison and Brian as we continue to look at a video from Sam Seder of the Majority Report (CHATTEL) where Men's Rights Activist BlueOrange22 calls in to speak to Sam about gender issues. Prepare your spines!


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Men: I Loved You Until I Hated You | Relationship Advice for Men

Jul 24, 2021

Join us on a new show: Alison & Brian look at websites, blogs & videos where advice is given to men. What do they get right? What might they get wrong? Today: a medium article titled Men: I Loved You Until I hated You


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Equity: Identitarians' newspeak-shield for discrimination | HBR Talk 189

Jul 23, 2021

This week, HBR Talk will examine how victim identitarians use the social justice “equity” narrative as a shield against opposition to vindictive discrimination.


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Carl Benjamin & Destiny Discuss the State of Dating, Marriage & Family | HBR Debate 60

Jul 22, 2021

Join us on HBR Debate as we go through a recent stream on Carl Benjamin's channel where he spoke to game streamer Destiny on the current climate of dating, promiscuity, marriage and family. What do they get right or wrong on this?


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Facebook, Social Media, Hasbro and the Government VS Free Peoples | HBR News 316

Jul 22, 2021

This week on HBR News we discuss COVID armbands in the UK, Jen Psaki confirms influencing and coercing social media giants to remove "misinformation" online, Hasbro wants to teach Critical Race Theory to children through their products, and more!


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