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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Is Feminism Contributing to Black Women Dying Alone? | HBR Debate 45

Jan 22, 2021

Join us on HBR Debate as Brian and Alison respond to a video from Roxie Beckles which poses the question of whether black women over the age of 35 are having trouble finding a man because of feminism.


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Why Feminist Architecture is the Most Pressing Thing Today | Brian & Lindsey React

Jan 21, 2021

Join us on today's show as we react to a TEDx video presentation from intersectional feminist architect Afaina de Jong. With her studio AFARAI (2005), she aims to cross the boundaries of the traditional architecture practice by dealing with the existing city with an intersectional and interdisciplinary approach,...

Chicago's Women Only Transit Proposal, the Church of Woke Censors EVERYONE | HBR News 290

Jan 21, 2021

This week on HBR News: Chicago unofficial proposal to adopt women only transit, the latest Project Veritas leaks regarding Twitter & PBS, AOC calls for reigning in "misinformation" from "far right", the girl who turned in her parents for sedition, & more!


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Enrique Gutierrez on Reuniting Families Through | Fireside Chat 167

Jan 19, 2021

Join us on the Fireside Chat with's Enrique Gutierrez. Enrique runs the website

Founder and CEO, Enrique Gutierrez knows the pain of children and parent being separated. Getting divorced in Japan resulted in Enrique having his beautiful daughter, Meline, legally ripped away from him....

Start Here: HBR Weekly Digest 56

Jan 16, 2021

Enjoy a bite sized version of a week in badger.
For 4th - 8th January 2021


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