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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Terry Crews VS Don Lemon on the True Agenda of Black Lives Matter | HBR Debate 25

Jul 9, 2020

Join us on HBR Debate as we look at an... let's call it an interview.... conducted by CNN's Don Lemon where he talks with actor Terry Crews about some tweets he made critical of Black Lives Matter and his apparently problematic calls for unity.


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Inb4 the "Ghislaine Maxwell Didn't Kill Herself" Memes | HBR News 263

Jul 8, 2020

This week on HBR News we talk about the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein's confidant Ghislaine Maxwell, the tearing down of a statue of former slave and abolitionist Fredrick Douglass, Black Lives Matter protestors hit by karma on the expressway, and more!


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Talking With Opposition to Modern Feminism and Writer Judith Char | Fireside Chat 152

Jul 7, 2020

Join us on the Fireside Chat as we speak with Judith Char, a writer, blogger and enemy of modern feminism.


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Start Here: HBR Weekly Digest 32

Jul 6, 2020

Enjoy a bite sized version of a week in badger.
For 15th-22nd June 2020


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Can the Karen Meme Free Us From the Feminist Stranglehold on Equality? | HBR Debate 24

Jul 4, 2020

Join HBR Debate for two articles about the "Karen meme." One argues that the Karen meme exposes white victimhood while the other tries to make the case as to how the Karen meme makes misogyny palatable to the "male centered" progressive Left. Who's right?


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