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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Whammon's spaces: the gatekeeping of human rights considerations | HBR Talk 89

Jun 14, 2019

Feminists insist they're being unfairly criticized for their gendered activism, and cite their toxic masculinity narrative as evidence that they support men, too, but how do they respond when men try to advocate for themselves? HBR Talk examines how the female victim identity is used to try to shut men's advocates...

Marrying Off Minors, 2 Senators Found Dead & New York Times-Senpai Noticed Us! HBR News 213

Jun 13, 2019

Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the clownworld honks of the week, including dead Republican Senators, Unicef finds millions of boys are married off as children, another games journo SJW was arrested for soliciting child porn(RESET THE CLOCK) and more!


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Echoplex Media Explains Why Honey Badger Radio Hates Women, POCs & LGBT Folks | Fireside Chat 117

Jun 11, 2019

Join us on the Fireside Chat with Echoplex Media, a twitch podcast who discusses culture and politics from a leftist perspective, and we take on their criticisms about the Men's Rights Movement live!


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Hotep Jesus on The Black Community, Black Lives Matter & Men's Issues | Fireside Chat 116

Jun 9, 2019

Join me on the Fireside Chat as I speak with Hotep Jesus about the Hotep movement, men's rights within the black community, and what the two may share in common!


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How to short circuit a victim identitarian in one easy step | HBR Talk 88

Jun 9, 2019

We have angered the victim identity cult. Again. Apparently, making "equal responsibility" part of "equality" is verboten.


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